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Tragedy strikes on Good Friday

Can you imagine carrying out your normal morning routines going to the donkey stable to find the gate open and no donkeys in sight? Complete panic.

Thoughts running through your head at a 100 miles an hour about where they could be.

When a gate has been left open accidentally then there is a guarantee curious donkeys will find it.

Sorrel and Flash, now best friends

Rehoming made easy

As you may have read in previous blogs, The Donkey Sanctuary has a superb rehoming scheme, whereby suitable homes are matched with donkeys from us and receive all the support and help they need for the lives of the donkeys in their care.

Sadly, sometimes circumstances change and the homes can no longer care for our donkeys, so we have to consider the best options for them and whether it is more appropriate to take the donkeys back to one of our farms, or to move them to another super home.

Flash and Jessie in their new home

Vinson and Webley - you are amazing

When I first visited the Mrvik family farm, I had no idea of the history for the desire of donkeys, their journey to fulfil that dream and what a massive impact two little donkeys would have.

Elaine Mrvik applied to rehome two donkeys from The Donkey Sanctuary before a stable was built so she had a real blank canvas to create a super environment for her donkeys and to design the building so looking after them would be so much easier.

Vinson and Webley

Winters of content

The Donkey Sanctuary works alongside many beach and commercial operators, and when some of the operators were looking for winter homes a few years ago for their donkeys, the Sanctuary ran a campaign to find suitable homes for the beach donkeys to have some down time from their summer schedule of giving rides on the beach.

Gill and Jimmy responded to that campaign as they had an empty barn suitable for several donkeys to go in with access to a lovely big paddock when the weather is suitable.

Live Nativity procession

Helping fill a huge donkey void

One of the best bits to my job as a Welfare Adviser is opening up new homes on The Donkey Sanctuary re-homing scheme. The Children's Zoo at Walton Hall Gardens in Warrington welcomed their new donkeys Charlie and Lenny from our Derbyshire Centre holding base to join their impressive selection of animals.

Charlie and Lenny


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