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Elderly donkeys get special treatment

As the donkeys we care for here at Paccombe Farm get older, their coats become less effective and sometimes they need a little helping hand from us.

Their coats can become less effective for many different reasons. For example, as they become older they seem to hold onto their thick coats a lot longer than when they were younger which can cause a build up of grease in their coats. With such thick coats, there's always the possibility of attracting skin conditions which, if not treated, can cause sore places on the donkey's skin.

Posh paws!

Hello everyone, we would like to introduce to you our very special farm cat. Posh is her name!

Posh came to live with us many years ago and is like part of the furniture. She has made one of our yards her home and is not only excellent at keeping the number of mice under control, but she also likes to keep a close eye on her donkey friends and is much loved by the grooms here at Paccombe Farm.

Here she is pictured with 24 year old Daisy who came into our care in 2006.

30th anniversary of Sanctuary life

Today is a very special day for a beautiful donkey called Con who is pictured here on the right with her best friend Bess. Thirty years to this very day (21 May) Con came into our care here at the Sanctuary as a very young foal with her mother. Since that date, a staggering 10,497 donkeys and mules have come into the Sanctuary from the time she joined us 30 years ago and Con has been here the longest.

30th anniversary of Sanctuary life

Muffin's 'morning cuppa' legacy

We would like to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who made a donation to Muffin's 'Share a drink with us on Christmas Day' appeal for your support and generosity.

You may be wondering why it has taken us so long to get a hot water system fitted. For our supporters who have visited Paccombe Farm during International Donkey Week, you will be aware that the buildings are quite old so careful thought and preparation had to go into the best location to fit the water tank.


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