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True love stays strong...

Throughout her life Thyme has been a girl with many different 'boyfriends' - she is loved by absolutely everyone who comes into contact with her. Both human and animal. She has been at the Sanctuary since 1983! Bless her. You may notice that Thyme has a bent ear and if you look closely you can see scarring on her muzzle. This is where she has had sarcoid tumours removed which is what prevented our little angel from joining the foster scheme.

Enough to melt anyone's heart...

For anyone who has ever been lucky enough to come into contact with a donkey you will understand just how difficult it is to walk past without stopping to give them a cuddle. The softness of their muzzles and their deep brown eyes are enough to melt anyone's heart. The problem lies when you times that by 388 - the number of donkeys we have here at Paccombe Farm - we would never get any work done.

David keeps warm this winter

We thought you may like to meet David, one of our resident donkeys. David is 16 years old and has been out on our foster scheme twice since arriving into our care in 1998 when he was just 2 years old. He now lives in Old Yard at Paccombe Farm as he has made friends with a pair of our elderly residents.


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