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All creatures great and small

Working with so many donkeys on a daily basis you can forget just how tiny and vulnerable other creatures around us can be.

Dave, one of our tractor drivers, was about to move a piece of machinery when something caught the corner of his eye. Bearing in mind it is quite common for our machinery to have bits of straw blown on top of it... there was something different about this little bundle of straw. It is home to three tiny Robins! The mum decided to make her nest in the side of the plough and there they were, three little hungry mouths snapping up at us.

Nest of robins

Goodbye old friend

Back in 2012 some of you may remember reading about my sheer delight to have 'Snoopy', one of my dearest companions, arrive on my wedding day with his friend Joe.

Not only was it a dream come true to have donkeys by my side on one of the most important days of my life, but having my most special friend there was the icing on the cake.

Snoopy attending groom Kate's wedding

Mimosa is a huge ambassador

Mimosa (or Mo as she is fondly known) has been a huge ambassador for The Donkey Sanctuary in her long time with us. She went to all the shows and events with the show team, putting on displays and promoting the Sanctuary.

Mo has been a film star, carriage driving on Pet Rescue and jumping over jumps to show that donkeys can. (She loved doing this and always did a little buck and a kick with excitement before doing it).

Mimosa and her driving companion Sam were on the news once where they, very proudly, drove the weather man around while he was presenting.

Mimosa opening one of the gates

Kipper makes an appearance

There are many occasions when people have to make the very brave and difficult decision to ask for help when they can no longer look after their donkeys anymore. You may think that once someone signs over their donkey to The Donkey Sanctuary, that’s where it ends. Often that is just the very beginning.

This is also the case for owners who have joined our foster scheme and provide a loving home to some of our foster donkeys.

Kipper making an appearance

Life is full of surprises

We're sure we've said this many times before but every day really is different out here on the farms. Life is full of surprises and today's little bundle answers to the name' Tiggy.'

Tiggy was re-homed here a couple of years ago by another member of our staff whose circumstances had changed, causing him to have to look for another home for his much loved pet. It worked out well as after losing one of our dear old cats earlier that year were we looking for another little furry friend to help keep the number of rodents at bay.

Tiggy at Paccombe Farm

A new loving home on Valentine's Day

Following on from our blog about Neddy finding his perfect match, as promised here is a photo of Neddy and Angel Eyes who left us today to start their new lives in a wonderful new foster home.

We all felt like proud parents when we said our goodbyes. They looked so happy.

From the moment Neddy and Angel Eyes stepped off the lorry and into their new home, it was as if they had always lived there. We couldn't have picked a more loving home for them both to go to.

Neddy (left) with Angel Eyes


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