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A Vision of Hope: a future for young people (and donkeys)

Donkey Manager Michael was once one of the residents of the Vision of Hope church in Monmouthshire. It’s a church and supported rehabilitation unit for young people who have had a hard start in life. The residents enjoy breathtaking views and plenty of activities including fun with the donkeys.

It’s not hard to see why Michael feels so at home here.

The home has fostered five donkeys from The Donkey Sanctuary over a period of more than ten years, and has rescued five others. Each donkey has been given a brilliant home and a future.

New born foal Spike

Donkey help troubled souls

I’m just back from a visit to a fantastic foster home where donkeys and humans are forging amazing bonds.

Cormac and James have been fostered to a college in Staffordshire since April. The residential college caters for girls from disadvantaged backgrounds and with emotional difficulties.

Not only are the donkeys a real hit as part of the girls’ education and rehabilitation, but as always, the donkeys themselves respond so well to troubled souls.

Cormac and James with Peter Southall

No experience: no problem!

I’ve recently been to visit one of my foster homes in Hay on Wye, Wales where they are making fantastic progress with their foster donkeys Donk and Samson. They were originally rescued from Ireland, and despite having only been in the home since February, have come on leaps and bounds.

The family have introduced them to wearing the bridle and bit and they are now getting ready to do children’s rides and hopefully some pannier work on the farm. Great progress!

Foster donkey Donk with foster owner


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