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A leaf out of their book

Lucas and Jim live with long-term Guardian Lesley Harding in glorious Gloucestershire. When Lucas lost his friend, our vet Anna Harrison thought it would be an ideal opportunity to enrich both the donkeys' lives through introducing a new friendship; Jim was at The Donkey Sanctuary but not settled in a large group and Lucas was all alone. Anna was thrilled with the idea of a happy outcome for Jim, and Lesley delighted that a new companion had been found for Lucas.

Lucas and Jim playing with a football

A second home for a friendly trio

This is a lovely picture of Rachel and Mike with their donkeys newly arrived today in South Wales.

Florence, Adele and Snowflake travelled down from Yorkshire where they have been living happily with their previous guardians for three years.

Unfortunately, due to ill health these kind people felt unable to continue caring for the donkeys, and because they are such a friendly threesome it was decided they could go directly into a new home.

Florence, Adele and Snowflake with their new guardians

Free range donkeys

This is one of my foster homes, which is the perfect example of how to keep donkeys happy and healthy with a free range system through cleared woodland, tracks and fields.

The donkeys, Brandy and Dinky, have completely changed their body language and are far more relaxed and friendly and get a lot more contact with their foster owners who are in and out of the house and barn, and the donkeys follow them and join in.

Brandy and Dinky

Age is no barrier to fun

This is Jenny, one of our older donkeys out on the rehoming scheme now in her 30's. Jenny's favourite toy is a treat ball that was a Christmas present. She spends lots of time pushing it around the paddock to release the goodies inside. Jenny is a happy much loved donkey and age is clearly not a barrier to a good quality of life in our foster homes!

Jenny sadly lost her companion some years ago. Sometimes when donkeys are older and have a lot of company and attention from people and other animals, they prefer to live alone rather than try to adjust to a new donkey.

Jenny with her treat ball

A wonderful new home

Dillon and Gilbert arrived in their gorgeous new home last Monday and have very much made themselves at home!

The three year old donkeys made friends while in the Nursery Unit at The Donkey Sanctuary, and have been together ever since. The Donkey Sanctuary does have a no breeding policy so any foals born are born to mares who were already in foal when they were taken in or rescued.

Dillon and Gilbert are friendly and playful and their new foster parents adore them, indeed who could resist!

Dillon and Gilbert smelling the roses

Home sweet home

Our foster scheme finds loving homes for donkeys in our care who would benefit from the kind of one-to-one attention private homes can provide. After completing the application process, we carefully match new foster owners with just the right donkeys – something which is very important towards ensuring a happy future for both donkeys and foster owners.

Jemima, Winston and Picasso with their new Foster home


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