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A story of collaboration

This story started with our marvellous mule carer Lesley, who has rehomed four of our mules in Gloucestershire, who sadly lost her beloved mule Billy to cancer in 2014. My fellow Donkey Welfare Adviser Sophie was heartbroken about Billy and applied her considerable mule knowledge to finding Lesley a replacement, which was no mean task as Lesley was devoted to Billy and is also an active and successful Agility competitor. Undeterred, Sophie selected the large and powerful mule Wallace, who she felt would flourish in an enriching home.

A story of collaboration

Fun with learning on Donkey Care Courses

In July, I met with fellow Donkey Welfare Adviser Liz Wright to hold a Donkey Care day at Oxhill in Warwickshire, with the kind permission of Redwings Horse Rescue.

The course was well attended by a friendly group of visitors and members of staff from fellow equine welfare charities Redwings and The Blue Cross. The course offers help and advice for the early stages of owning or rehoming donkeys, and is open to all. anyone interested in Guardianship, who works or volunteers with donkeys, or just interested in learning more about these often misunderstood animals.

Fun with learning

Oh the joys

Rehomed donkey Dylan lives with Julia and her family who shared this photo that perfectly sums up his most innocent of looks, he's almost convinced us he's nothing to do with this mess ...almost!

Dylan eagerly looks forward to Julia coming to poo pick his paddock. Without fail, he waits until the wheelbarrow is full and mum Julia is not paying attention, then one quick nose nudge and the deed is done, with the whole load upset all over the floor. Each morning Dylan's "who me" look manages to make Julia, John and Tom laugh.

Dylan the cheeky donkey

Wallace the mule and Monty Roberts

When foster owner Lesley rehomed the 14hh mule Wallace from The Donkey Sanctuary, he had the makings of a riding animal, but was apparently unhappy taking a saddle. After trying different saddles and having his back checked and his being given a clean bill of health, Lesley and her team, Harriet and Vince, saw that world-famous horse whisperer Monty Roberts was coming to nearby Harpbury College as part of his UK tour.

Harriet, Monty Roberts, Lizzie Ellis and Lesley


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