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Donkey Jenga

Many people will be familiar with the popular family game of ‘Jenga’.It involves building a tall tower out of blocks and then inviting each player to remove a block in a way that does not cause the tower to fall. If you extract a block, and the tower falls: you lose.


Highlights from a volunteer

The Donkey Sanctuary volunteers are our true champions giving the precious gift of their time. They come to help in all different ways and each contribution is hugely valued. I recently heard from a wonderful volunteer, Eileen who dedicates her time helping out on one of our farms in Devon, and at a Guardian home in Herefordshire. Here is what she had to catch me up on!

Peggy and friends

Enrichment for a cheeky trio

Donkeys and mules need lots of mental stimulation! It is always a good idea to give your equines something to chew and play with, or a way to keep their day to day as versatile as possible, and this Guardian Home has figured out the perfect way to keep their cheeky chaps entertained!

The cheeky trio

Happy, healthy and stimulated

Earlier this year I wrote ‘A Story of Collaboration’, giving Donkey Sanctuary supporters an insight into two of my amazing Guardian Homes and the special kind of enrichment they do to keep their mules and donkeys happy, healthy and stimulated. After my recent visit I got an email from Lesley with a very proud update about one of her amazing mules, Milo.

Milo practicing his agility

A letter from the Murray sisters

As a Donkey Welfare Adviser I enjoy meeting some wonderful donkeys and the fabulous Donkey Guardians who Rehome them. Experienced as I am, even I was very surprised to receive a letter from three of our rehomed donkeys, Florence, Adele and Snowflake! Their Donkey Guardians Rachel and Mike must have been very busy with their training indeed...

Dear Lizzie,

I just thought I would drop you a line to say a big ‘Thank You’ on behalf of myself and my sisters, Adele and Snowflake.

Florence, Adele and Snowflake

Mary Arden’s Farm

Mary Arden’s Farm, situated near Stratford-upon-Avon, is the family home of Shakespeare’s mother cared for by the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and operated as a working organic Tudor farm where visitors can explore the farmyard and historic buildings, watch falconry demonstrations, take part in traditional rural crafts and enjoy the children's playground. It is also home to two of our re-homed donkeys called Ben and Bill.

Mary Arden’s Farm


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