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Somewhere over the rainbow

It is with real sadness that I bring Little Pippa's blog to a close after 5 years penning her thoughts from a long-eared perspective... how time seems to fly. At 35 years of age, Little Pippa had become one of the oldest donkeys down on the main yard. Despite this, she was always looking for mischief and got away with it because she was small and cheeky.

As you get older...

... do you notice you can't trot around like you used to? Well, age is creeping up on me but I'm still getting up to mischief when I can! Out on the yard a few days ago, I noticed that my left hoof was a little painful, so my grooms made an appointment for one of the vets to drop by to take a look.

Little Pippa grazing

Glittering donkey walk

Take a look at my new shoes... don't they just sparkle? It was my turn this week for an appointment with Colin our farrier. He's so charming you know and is beginning to get into the Christmas spirit by adding a touch of glitter to us long-ears who wear plastic shoes.

Little Pippa wearing plastic shoes


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