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Darcey presents a donation

After seeing how much their granddaughter Darcey enjoys her visits to our donkey assisted therapy centre here in Leeds, Lyndsay and Brian Jackson nominated us as a recipient of Beckingham Friendship Group’s fundraising activities for the year.

Darcey presenting a cheque

Frivolity filled the air

Twelve campers arrived around 4pm for their Bray & Stay Experience at our Leeds centre at the weekend. We have all had a fabulous time and many laughs. The weather all day Friday was strong winds so putting up the tents was fun to say the least! Fortunately it dropped force whilst we ate our delicious 3 course evening meal and our evening stroll was lovely.

Bluebell has a new friend

Last week we received a call late Thursday afternoon from the Sanctuary's welfare team requesting assistance with the delivery of a donkey to a new foster home. We were happy to help Mark (one of the Sanctuary drivers) so Cathryn and Sarah set off to rendezvous with Mark travelling up from Devon.

Kelly and Rosie were inseparable

For 10 years Kelly was a special donkey in the hearts of many children who visited our donkey assisted therapy centre in Leeds until she returned with her best donkey friend to the Sanctuary in 2011. You may remember Rosie, who was also an adoption donkey here at Leeds. Sadly Rosie's own health was failing rapidly so we waved goodbye to them both so that Rosie could get expert veterinary care at the Sanctuary. Sadly Rosie passed away in August 2012.


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