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A lifetime of memories

It was finally time to wave goodbye to Mexico and to the team we had become so close to during our two-week trip.

Spending hours squeezed in together driving around in our A-team van and experiencing such pivotal events with people who only two weeks ago were total strangers really helped us forge a bond that we hope lasts for many years to come.

Jenna and Emma with a working donkey in Mexico

Bombero Burro – The firefighting donkey!

When we arrived in Mexico, Mariano had warned us that we were in the rainy season, however this had been working out for us very well. We had beautiful sunny days followed by heavy downpours and electrical storms at night when we were either travelling in the safety of our all American A-team truck, or tucked away for the night in a hotel. However, the conditions this morning made us thankful for packing our all-weather gear as the true meaning of rainy season showed itself.

Bombero Burro and Pedro

Teach, Listen, Learn

Today we visited the village called Galena in Mexico with a group of second-year vet students and their lecturer. The Donkey Sanctuary-UNAM programme’s behaviourist, Dr Mauro Madariaga Najera, was giving them a class on handling techniques.

The students all come from small communities and will take their skills back with them once they qualify. Mauro chose this town to run his class as they have a large population of mules, many of whom have hoof problems as people are scared to pick up their mule’s feet.

Mauro demonstrating handling techniques to a group of vet students

The bright lights of Mexico City

Hello, we are Jenna and Emma, and we were privileged to be chosen for the 2014 "Dr S" staff scholarship where we travelled to Mexico. The scholarship scheme was set up in memory of our Founder, Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE, and gives staff the opportunity to see our international work in practice, to witness the difficult conditions that donkeys and mules face overseas, and to share our experiences with the rest of The Donkey Sanctuary.

Emma with the orphaned foal at The Donkey Sanctuary-UNAM hospital


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