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Never a dull (donkey) moment

St Patrick's Day (17th March) heralded the beginning of the week and what for me was to be a very busy and varied week. I received a call from the PSNI (Police Service of Northern Ireland) who were pursuing lines of enquiry as to a donkey who had been brought to a car wash and power hosed and shampooed in advance of attending a St Patrick's Day parade.

Jack is a prolific kicker

Second chance at life

One of the most rewarding aspects of my work is assisting with the transformation of a donkey’s life from relinquishment through the stages of care and training to eventual placement in a foster home. In essence these donkey are getting a ‘second chance’ at life, allowing them to fulfil their full potential with a loving and caring foster family.

I was delighted when Patch and Jambo, two recently relinquished donkeys, were deemed suitable to be considered for the foster scheme. Both donkeys came into the Sanctuary’s care for different reasons.

Donkey Care Training Course

No winter blues for Molly

I know Molly’s plight has touched many of our supporters and I thought I would share with you a few photographs that I took of her this morning. She has made amazing progress since we took her into our care in May of this year and she is now ready to face a winter in respectably good health. She remains stabled when the weather turns wet and cold but when the sun shines, as it did this morning, I let her walk around the yard and nosily check out the winter bedding and feed as well as graze happily all cosily rugged up in her new donkey rug.

No winter blues for Molly

Kind Eyes, kind Hearts

My regional welfare Officer, Allen Andrews, asked me recently to help with a visit to two abandoned donkeys. The donkeys had been abandoned at the foothills of the Newry mountains and had been taken in by a local farmer. The farmer had allowed the donkeys to graze on his land for a few months but did not have the time or expertise to continue to manage them with the winter approaching and had asked for our assistance to remove them.

George and Keith - a lesson in friendship

Fred’s journey and new life

The rain was closing in Saturday morning as I drove over the mountainous Glenshane Pass and pondered on Fred’s situation and how we were to manage his collection. It was not long before I was meeting up with Allen Andrews (my regional welfare officer) and we were on our way travelling unto our destination outside Garvagh. The terrain was becoming more remote and rugged as we entered the forestry. There were signs of deforestation and other areas of density.

Fred's forest plight

Fred's forest plight

It looks as if I have an interesting and challenging weekend ahead of me! Allen Andrews (Regional Welfare Officer for Northern Ireland) has asked me to assist with the relinquishment and collection of a donkey that appears to have been abandoned in a forest outside Garvagh (Co. Derry/Londonderry) for approximately 2/3 months.

Buckets and headcollars at the ready!


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