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Nelly steps in on Palm Sunday

To mark Palm Sunday, The Donkey Sanctuary responded to a request from two churches to attend two services in Belfast. Nelly the donkey kindly stepped up to the mark and was greeted with much adoration and attention from the congregation in both parishes. She was even presented with a bag of carrots for attending!

Nelly helped us to spread the word about our necessary work as well as re-enforcing the donkey’s important symbolic meaning at this time of the year.

Nelly steps in on Palm Sunday

Abandoned in 2014... Sanctuary for life given in 2015

Christmas and New Year can either be a feast or a famine for welfare calls. And just as New Year’s Day was quietly drawing to a close, I received a call to help two donkeys who had been abandoned in Co. Armagh, Ireland. The Police Service reported them wandering dangerously on the road and were concerned for their safety and for that of the public. They described the donkeys as 'in poverty and having been through the wars’.

Shamrock and Clover found abandoned by the Police Service in Ireland

Charlotte and Cobweb receive some tender loving donkey care

I was asked last week to attend a call regarding two donkeys that had been abandoned near a remote bridge in Newry in Northern Ireland. On arriving at the location I spotted the donkeys from a distance who appeared to be grazing amongst the pickings on the rough ground where they had been deserted.

I made my way across to them and identified that they were two mares in good body condition. Charlotte, the dark brown mare, was affectionate and friendly while Cobweb, the grey mare, was quite shy and hesitant.

Charlotte and Cobweb with twisted hooves

Worzel left to fend for himself

I was alerted to an abandoned donkey on a very busy stretch of a main arterial road in Portadown, Co. Armagh, Northern Ireland, and duly attended to investigate further. On arrival I discovered a large brown stallion donkey who looked completely dejected at his circumstances. He had been left to fend for himself and by chance had managed to find safety in a roadside field. From here he had then made his way into a field where two horses were grazing.

Worzel found abandoned

Jill puts best foot forward to represent the Sanctuary

Recently I was invited to attend Hillsborough Parish Fete to promote our foster scheme with the invitation eagerly requesting some donkeys to be in attendance as well.

I decided to take potential foster donkeys Jill and her best friend Katie along. Although relatively young they thrive on human interaction and are confident, well behaved donkeys. This was their first ever outing and it proved to be a positive lesson for them.

Pauline and Jill

'Charming' debut by abandoned donkey

The majority of my work at present revolves around welfare cases and actioning relinquishments , so it is refreshing to be able to turn my hand at raising the Sanctuary’s profile in the local community as well as helping to fundraise for all of all our wonderful donkeys.

On Palm Sunday I was asked by two local churches to bring a donkey along to their respective services. I have attended these Palm Sunday services for the past three years with my own donkey Murphy but sadly he passed away last year and I now needed a suitable reliable replacement!

Charm proved to be a hit with the children


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