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Rescuers reunited with donkeys after 'fairytale ending'

Recently three of our supporters were reunited with two donkey mares that they helped to rescue back in November.

Thomas, Lucy and Carol were delighted to meet up with the two mares that they last saw standing in a dejected, cold and uncared for state. They remarked at how well they now looked, how their hooves now resembled ‘normal’ and how their situation had improved vastly. They likened it to a ‘fairytale ending’ for the donkeys. Both donkeys were name after ‘Lucy’ and ‘Carol’ who came to their aid.

Thomas, Lucy and Carol

Tinsel and Jingles find their much deserved loving home

Tinsel and Jingles - who rose to prominence as two donkeys rescued by The Donkey Sanctuary as the result of their previous owner being convicted in February of a string of animal welfare offences - have gone on to find a loving new home in the rolling fields of Co.Down. Following several months of care to address their neglected state the donkeys were deemed suitable to be considered for re-homing based on their improving health and kind temperaments. They will continue to be supported in the home to address any future health developments.

Tinsel and Jingles

Lucy and her new arrival

You may recall reading about three donkeys that were rescued from a remote forest in Cavan last year, two of which were heavily in foal. Lucy the dark brown mare had notably long, twisted hooves that made walking painful and difficult for her. We moved quickly to address her overgrown hooves and initiated a diet and management regime suitable for her condition.

Lucy and Bluebell

Lucy and Carol assured of comfort and care

The Donkey Sanctuary received a call from concerned supporters regarding three abandoned donkeys wandering in a remote forest in Cavan. I reacted quickly to the call and was joined by Sanctuary supporters, Carol and Lucy, who first spotted the donkeys.

When we approached the donkeys they would flee nervously and disappear deeper into the forest or trot away up a stony track - distrusting and frightened.

One of the donkeys had desperately overgrown twisted hooves; she was a pitiful sight as she tried to trot away tripping over her own feet.

Lucy and Carol with Donkey Welfare Adviser Jane Bruce

Donkeys abandoned in derelict warehouse find solace with The Sanctuary

It’s hard to envisage what to expect when you receive a call concerning two donkeys abandoned in a disused site and what you will see when you arrive there. Our welfare team is certainly used to dealing with unexpected situations but we are naturally often shocked ourselves by what we see. It seems that the parameters of donkey neglect and irresponsible management are constantly being stretched further and further.

Finn and Sullivan rescued from a derelict warehouse

A light in the dark for two desperate donkeys

When faced with insurmountable odds, I know that my response and my fellow Welfare Advisers is to go that extra mile for donkeys in need. And so when asked to respond to two abandoned donkeys in a forest reported to be over 100 acres the thought process was not so much how on earth do I find them but let’s do our utmost to locate them and bring them the care that they need.

Darkley and Squirrel


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