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Compassion in Action in Meshenti

It was like any other hot, sunny April afternoon in Meshenti as fifteen-year-old Yibeltal Tegene and his three friends walked to school. As they neared the school, however, they noticed an odd shape on the dusty ground outside its fenced compound. The Grade 8 students realised that it was a donkey, presumably abandoned by its owner, lying listlessly. It appeared to be very ill, and painful wounds covered its back.

A recovered Tarik enjoys the lush grass in Meshenti Primary School's grounds

Tourist resort donkeys saved from slaughter in Egypt

Having grown from a sleepy fishing village to a bustling city in a matter of decades, Hurghada has become one of Egypt’s most popular tourist destinations for domestic and foreign visitors. Not all the city’s residents are reaping the benefits however.

In July the municipal governor issued a decree ordering the confiscation of all working animals on the streets, which were deemed unattractive to tourists. Among these were donkeys rented by people in the city to pull rubbish collection carts.

One of the donkeys used to pull rubbish collection carts in Hurghada

Prisoners in India break bread with donkeys

Once they’ve finished eating, hundreds of inmates incarcerated for petty crime at Zila Bhag II Prison in Solapur, India, scrape crusts of roti - a kind of flatbread - off their plates into large drums. The men and women might have finished with their meal, but the scraps are not unwanted leftovers. They are to provide a tasty snack for some fellow residents of the city - donkeys.

The roti is picked up at the prison by Hanmantu and Maanjulkar, two donkey owners from nearby districts. Once home, they spread the bread onto a cleared area of ground and bring the donkeys in.

Donkeys feed on leftover bread donated by a prison in India


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