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A bright future for Demeku

Demeku didn’t have the brightest of starts to life. She was born in Ethiopia earlier this year at a time when parts of the country were reeling from a severe drought. Barely a month after her birth, her mother fell critically ill. With no fresh grass due to the drought, her mother had resorted to eating thorny plants that blocked her oesophagus and made it difficult to swallow food.

Demeku with her sick mother at the Alage ATVET College. Her mother passed away two days after this picture was taken

A colourful morning

“Donkeys are made to work very hard in Egypt because there are no cars there,” said a seven-year-old with concern in his voice. “How long did it take you to make this presentation?” asked another child. “I’d pay £2000 for one of your paintings!” a third declared.

Year 3 pupils of Newton Poppleford Primary School loved the vibrant colours and bold brushstrokes of Miriam's paintings

Warren Barn gets a colourful makeover

Something special caught the interest of Warren Barn’s resident donkeys and cats Basil and Bridgit this week, and it wasn’t food. The barn turned into a unique art gallery for Donkey Week for an exhibition and sale of vibrant oil paintings and watercolours by visiting Egyptian artist Miriam Hathout. Miriam, one of whose paintings was used as the cover for our Middle East report and who painted a Peace Donkey at the Mdina Biennale last year at a project supported by The Donkey Sanctuary, is known for her colourful depictions of donkeys in Egypt.

Warren Barn turned into a colourful art gallery showcasing works by Egyptian artist Miriam Hathout


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