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Improving the lives of donkeys by giving women a voice

You might remember the moving video we posted recently reflecting on the work donkeys did for the women of Kenya during the 2011 droughts and in its aftermath. In it, the women discussed how communities rely on donkeys to transport water for the home, as well as for their cattle, especially during the frequent droughts. In the 2011 drought, things got so bad that cattle, goats and even donkeys began dying of starvation and thirst.

Donkeys are essential in helping the women carry heavy loads

Hard-working donkeys help Kenya recover from drought

As Kenya’s farmers recover from one of the worst droughts for more than 10 years, their donkeys are taking much of the strain. Because so many oxen died during the water shortage, the farmers have had to put their surviving donkeys to work ploughing the land. Our team based in Kenya have been helping these farmers keep their donkeys as healthy as possible. Field officer Wycliffe Gwatemba told me about his meeting with one man whose donkeys are saving him and his family from severe hardship.

Working donkeys in Kenya


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