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Lucy: A little donkey with a lion heart

One of the most common questions you are asked as a donkey welfare adviser is ‘how do you cope when you have to deal with donkeys who are suffering?’ The answer – well it certainly is not easy.

When confronted with an animal that is in desperate need of help, all kinds of feelings are evoked and it would be easy to allow our emotions to take over. However, in that moment, we have a real ability to bring about positive change so the focus needs to be on identifying a way forward which has the best welfare outcome for the donkey.

Lucy at the time of rescue

Keeping a beady eye on behaviour helped Beattie battle the blues

The Donkey Sanctuary is continually working to highlight the importance of behaviour when assessing the individual welfare and health status of donkeys and mules.

The stoic nature of these animals means they do not show pain and fear as noticeably as other equines. Sometimes small changes in behaviour or body language are the only indicators that something serious is wrong.

Beattie with mother Rhubarb and staff from Rainbow Vets

Beattie - bringer of joy

Back in May 2015 our welfare team worked with the RSPCA to rescue four donkeys from a field in East Yorkshire after a lack of proper hoof care meant that the three adult donkeys had very overgrown hooves.

The donkeys called Rhubarb, Custard, Apple and Pie were affectionately nicknamed the Yorkshire Puddings. They soon settled into their new accommodation at an emergency holding base where they could receive all the care and attention they needed to recover.


Welcome to the world of donkeys

2016 is looking very different for Yorkshire based Emma as she has a new love in her life. I wanted to share her story and introduce you to a donkey named Donks.

Until recently Donks was living alone in a steep field with very little shelter leaving him exposed to the harsh winter weathers. He also had very overgrown feet which made walking uncomfortable.

Donks being collected for transport


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