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Rhubarb and Beattie, one year on

Rhubarb came into the care of The Donkey Sanctuary in May last year with her friends Custard, Apple and Pie, after they were found living in an unsuitable environment and suffering from overgrown hooves.

Rhubarb required remedial farriery to address her long and misshapen hooves but she soon felt more comfortable and settled in her new home at our temporary holding base.

Rhubarb and Beattie at Rainbow Vets

Ever wondered what a year in the life of a Sanctuary donkey is like?

Well, remember the story of The Yorkshire Puddings - four donkeys called Rhubarb, Custard, Apple and Pie? A year ago our welfare team found these donkeys living in an unsuitable environment and in desperate need of farriery care. By working with the RSPCA, Minster Equine Vets and Humberside Police, we were able to rescue them and welcome them to the care of The Donkey Sanctuary.

Rhubarb, Apple, Custard and Pie

Collaboration creates change for donkeys in need

Compassion, Creativity and Collaboration are the core values of The Donkey Sanctuary. These values are at the heart of everything we do and underpin our approaches when working towards better welfare for donkeys and mules worldwide.

Here in Great Britain, our team of Donkey Welfare Advisers work hard within their communities to support owners, educate people and bring about change for donkeys in a variety of circumstances and often challenging situations.

Benji, Justin and Blue happy at the Sanctuary

Superstition or super lucky?

Black cats are surrounded by superstitions and folklore. Historically across Europe black cats were associated with demons or witchcraft, and even today in some cultures the presence of a black cat is considered incredibly unlucky. In Britain however, black cats are generally regarded as a lucky omen and a sign that brighter times are ahead.

Lucy and Salem


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