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Human behaviour change for animal welfare

I recently attended the first International Conference of Human Behaviour Change for Animal Welfare. The three day conference attracted delegates from all over the world who embraced the opportunity to come together to share their knowledge, experience and research findings with like-minded individuals, organisations and groups.

Each day was packed full of inspirational talks from a vast range of speakers who were willing to share both their achievements and failings, with a focus on learning from past experiences to help overcome the challenges of the future.

Donkey Welfare Adviser Tamlin Watson

In this job you never stop learning

Last week, I joined fellow Donkey Welfare Advisers Justine Thomas and Sophie Carter at our Training Centre in Sidmouth to take part in a two-day ‘Train the Trainer’ course.

Education is a vital part of our work to promote better welfare for donkeys and mules throughout the world. Our team of Donkey Welfare Advisers are involved in delivering donkey care courses at various venues across England, Scotland and Wales so it is important that we, as trainers, look to develop our own skills and knowledge – after all in this job you never stop learning!

Train the trainer

Building a brighter future for best friends Alan and Hazel

As Donkey Welfare Advisers we often find ourselves giving advice on how owners can improve the lives of their animals by providing a suitable and enriched environment to allow the donkeys the opportunity and freedom to exhibit natural behaviours. Every now and then, we come across a situation where more immediate action needs to be taken before a suitable solution for both donkeys and owner can be reached. Alan and Hazel are now permanent residents of The Donkey Sanctuary but the story of how they came to us is far darker than you would expect...

Speaking on behalf of donkeys and mules in Scotland

Earlier this month I made a trip to Edinburgh to attend the Scottish Government’s Equine Welfare Stakeholder Group Meeting. It was the first time The Donkey Sanctuary had been invited to join the meeting where representatives from welfare organisations, such as the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SSPCA), British Horse Society and World Horse Welfare, were able to discuss issues affecting equines with members of staff from the Scottish Government.

Scottish Government’ Equine Welfare Stakeholder Group Meeting

The life of Pie

When I first met Pie he was just two months old. His mum, Apple, and friends Rhubarb and Custard had to be rescued after they were found to be living in an unsuitable environment and suffering from the effects of having overgrown hooves. Donkey Welfare Adviser Sharon Shanks and I, worked with the RSPCA and Humberside Police to get the donkeys to a place of safety where they received all the treatment and care they needed.

The life of Pie


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