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Keeping the wheels turning

As Welfare Advisers we spend much of our time on the road helping people improve the welfare of their donkeys, whether it be giving nutritional advice, providing behavioural support or helping owners make difficult decisions about their donkeys future, our role is based around doing our best for donkeys in a wide variety of circumstances. Sometimes we are called to help in emergency situations and need to be able to respond swiftly.

DAN - Keep The Wheels Turning

From prison to Sanctuary

When I first saw Tommy, he was in a pitiful state, skinny, scruffy and suffering from severely overgrown hooves. His stable was filthy with nowhere clean or comfortable for him to rest. Tommy’s sad eyes met mine as I tried to reassure him. I knew in that moment that his life would change forever that day but he had no idea of what the future held for him.

Tommy when he was first found

From carols to carriageways - Introducing Elf our unexpected Christmas guest

Last month I was lucky enough to be working from our Devon Sanctuary at the same time as the Carols by Candlelight service. I joined colleagues and friends to experience my first Candlelight service since joining The Donkey Sanctuary 18 months ago. The atmosphere was magical and, as you would expect, one of the most popular songs of the evening was ‘Little Donkey’ which tells of the long dusty journey to Bethlehem.


A future full of hope for Fiona and Harris

We all enjoy seeing pictures of donkey foals exploring and enjoying all that life has to offer, however, what does the future hold for foals once these bundles of fluff begin to grow up? Well the truth of the matter is, it depends.

The life of donkeys in Great Britain can vary wildly between those leading happy, enriched and healthy lives; to those who are provided with just enough to meet their basic welfare needs; and sadly, to those who are forgotten, mistreated and abused through incorrect management, ignorance, neglect or wilful cruelty.


Teamwork brings a trio of tall donkeys from Derbyshire to Devon

Every donkey that arrives at The Donkey Sanctuary has a story to tell. Knowing the background of the donkeys who come into our care is often an important part of understanding their individual character, behaviour or care needs. Today I would like to introduce you to the story of three very special donkeys called Rocky, Eidie and Jenny.

Rocky, Eidie and Jenny at time of relinquishment

Happy birthday Beattie

Many of you will remember the story of the ‘Yorkshire Puddings’ four donkeys, Rhubarb, Custard, Apple and Pie who came into our care after being rescued by our Welfare team and the RSPCA. Following their rescue it was discovered that Rhubarb was in foal. Rhubarb certainly picked her moment to become a mother, giving birth to a beautiful foal right in the middle of storm Barney! The foal was named Beattie, meaning Bringer of Joy and right from the start Beattie captivated our hearts with her playful and curious nature.

Beattie and Farm Manager Andy


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