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Dona Rosa - seeing the lives of rescued donkeys

The feature of The Donkey Sanctuary’s work which I’ve always found the most inspiring is their work with working equids, improving the lives of those dependent upon them financially, and giving a quality of life and security of health to these hard-working “beasts of burden”. In Spain, I have had the pleasure of exploring another side of their work; sanctuary work. Dona Rosa is the larger of the two Sanctuaries in Spain. Whilst it is always difficult to hear stories of abuse, I am astounded once more by the work of The Donkey Sanctuary in alleviating suffering in animals.

Dona Rosa Sanctuary, Spain

Caring for Donkeys in Ethiopia

Most tourists visit Bahir Dar for its setting on the southern shores of Lake Tana, the largest lake in Ethiopia and the source of the Blue Nile, and because the town makes for a convenient base to explore the monasteries and churches on the lake’s islands and shores. I’ve chosen instead to spend a few days observing the incredible work of The Donkey Sanctuary Ethiopia (DSE).

Renata in Ethiopia

RSPCA Inspector Training Day

Last Wednesday, 16 trainee RSPCA Inspectors visited The Donkey Sanctuary for a day of donkey care, behaviour, and welfare-related training. This is currently the only day that Inspectors receive during their training which is entirely dedicated to donkeys so it’s vital that we maximise this opportunity to help raise their awareness of the needs of donkeys, to inform them of our work here at the Sanctuary, and to let them know that we are always here to help.

RSPCA Inspector training day 2017


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