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Donkey feet are definitely different!

In the projects department we are celebrating this week as we have seen the results of many years of work being published in the Equine Veterinary Journal, an international publication aimed specifically at equine vets. We carry out projects to help improve knowledge of donkey health and welfare problems, this most recent project funded by The Donkey Sanctuary has highlighted the differences in donkey feet when compared to horses.

Trimming hooves

Safe spring grazing for donkeys and mules

The recent sunny weather has been very welcome after a particularly cold winter. Here at the Sanctuary some of our animals are enjoying the opportunity to stretch their legs and have a bite of sweet grass. I have really enjoyed watching the first spring flowers appear, the foals that are frolicking in their paddocks and the oldies sunbathing quietly in their favourite spots.

Donkey in field

Holistic healthcare for working donkeys in South Africa

I have recently returned from South Africa where I was responsible for running a series of lectures, workshops and community engagement activities alongside our Director of Veterinary Services, Andrew Trawford, and the University of Pretoria Veterinary Faculty. Working donkeys are commonly seen in many parts of South Africa and are an essential means of transporting goods for many resource-limited communities.

Next generation of donkey enthusiasts!

Last week we were pleased to welcome 45 first year undergraduate students from the University of Plymouth. The students have just begun their studies in ‘Animal Behaviour and Welfare’ and are spending parts of their first term visiting local animal charities and conservation organisations. Most of the students had never visited the Sanctuary and the majority had never even touched a donkey so it was a new experience for them!

Lucky Dip Projects!

This week is a very special week here at the Donkey Sanctuary - it's Donkey Week! Many of the departments here at the Sanctuary have been putting together talks and presentations to tell the donkey weekers a bit about what we do. When I was asked to give a talk I was delighted, I'm always very happy to talk about the work that we do to improve our knowledge of donkeys and mules in sickness and in health.


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