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A fond farewell - Day 5

Friday was my last day at Il Rifugio degli Asinelli (IRDA) and I only had the morning with the mules before departing for Turin to fly home. I used the time I had in the morning working on what the mules had all learnt during the week.

Irene takes centre stage - Day 4

Thursday was a Bank Holiday in Italy known as Festa della Liberazione. It is to celebrate the liberation of Italy from Nazi Germany in 1945. It's was also my last full day in Italy and, as a little present to finish my week, the sun was already out in full force as I drove to work. It looks set to be a scorcher. When I arrived the mules were all at the top of the field lying down and sunbathing!

I had been thinking about how well Irene had been doing, so decided to spend most of my morning with her, after a quick session with my two budding pros Margherite and Biclo of course!

Onwards and upwards for the Colleferro mules - Day 2

After learning the daily routine of the mules yesterday, I decided this morning to work with Biclo and Margherita before their breakfast arrived in the hope of having their full concentration. They did not disappoint! I worked on extending their comfort zones and the amount of time they will stand still without becoming fidgety, as they both seem to pretend they have forgotten certain things when asked.

Biclo started to build a lovely relationship - Day 1

Hi everyone, my name is Emma and I am here to share the journey that I make whilst working at our rescue centre in Italy for a week with 5 recently rescued mules, as I'm sure you're as keen as I am to catch up on their progress since Jenna's visit earlier this month.

For the last 10 years I have worked with a variety of equines including eventers, youngsters, mules and of course donkeys!


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