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We've had a baby!

Staff at our 'New Arrivals' unit are making the most of our adorable new foal, Janet Thorne, born on 6th May.

Staff at our 'New Arrivals' unit are making the most of our adorable new foal, Janet Thorne, born on 6th May.

T is for Teddy… and Trouble!

Teddy is the cleverest donkey I think I've ever met! He has a real talent for causing mischief and I experienced this first hand during a recent visit to Woods Farm, where our Family Barn Dance and BBQ is being held later in the year.

A bit of background first… We took Teddy and his friend Winnie into our care last year, as the owners could no longer keep them and wanted to ensure their future was safe. Teddy is the 9,972nd donkey helped out by our charity and now has a Sanctuary for life.

Meet Jack!

Whilst out taking photographs today, of donkeys I am writing stories about, I met Jack who is just adorable!

Now it’s not difficult to miss him as he’s a Poitou donkey, and is absolutely enormous compared to any other donkey in the group. Claire, who helps look after him, was kind enough to tell me a little more about him before I carried on with my 'donkey' work…

The donkey stars of Ant and Dec

Last Tuesday (3rd March), we had over 25 people from ITV with us here at the Sanctuary in Devon to film a VT (video-tape) for Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway. The celebrities' challenge was to memorise the names of 100 donkeys! They met 68 donkeys in New Barn, where our web camera is based, and 32 at Warren Barn and made notes in their special 'donkey packs' to help them remember who was who!

Sigitu hoofs around

I met a great little donkey called Sigitu today and I couldn’t stop giving him cuddles! He’s a 17-year old skewbald gelding who lives near our main Sanctuary in Sidmouth.

I was in his barn trying to take photographs of the donkeys in their cosy home for the winter but he had other plans for me! Whilst the other donkeys were only interested in me for a few seconds, Sigitu, on the other hand, took great pleasure in following me (even if I ventured to the other side of the barn) nudging me and inquisitively checking my hair, scarf, coat, trousers, boots - he was just fascinated.

A foot trim can go a long way...

During a live radio interview today with BBC Somerset's presenter Jo Phillips, we were talking about the contrast of the Sanctuary's work in Europe to overseas, particularly as I have just returned from a visit to our project in Egypt
The difference is this. In Asia, Africa and North America where our projects exist to help working donkeys, we simply can't rescue them. Men, women and even children absolutely depend on them. But rest assured, we do help in the most AMAZING way - we offer a kind of sanctuary from suffering instead...


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