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Tim's doing well too

Tim is the little Shetland pony which came into our care in July and I’m pleased to tell you all that he’s doing equally well to his donkey companions, Laurel and Hardy.

On first impressions I found Tim to be the most inquisitive in the group to the point that it was difficult to take their photos because he’d keep walking up to the camera!

Just look at Laurel and Hardy now!

What a difference The Donkey Sanctuary has made to the lives of Laurel and Hardy!

Just over a month ago, they arrived in a terrible state and Laurel’s red-raw bald patch with fur hanging off will forever stay in my memory. They were crawling in lice, skin and bone and just a real sorry state to be in.

But loving care by our experts including Joy who has featured in my video entries, have all worked extremely hard to bring these neglected donkeys back to health.

Rescue donkeys just want to be loved

What struck me the most when I met Laurel, Hardy and Tim is their sincere craving for fuss and attention. But then it's expected when these poor creatures have been shut inside a stable for a minimum of six months.

And what surprised me the most is there uncanny affection to one another considering they are all stallions! Stallions normally fight for leadership within a herd, but the sad fact is… these three are too poorly to care.


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