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Easter tales from Scotland!

I received a lovely email from one of our welfare officers in Scotland today. Elma Cunningham provides advice and support to donkey owners, and follows up reports of neglect and cruelty in, wait for it.... Ayrshire, (North/South/East), City of Glasgow, City of Edinburgh, East Lothian, Falkirk, Midlothian, The Borders and West Lothian!!!

Such a lovely place...

It had been quite a while since I last walked around the Sanctuary's grounds, until today that is. I was giving Aurelie Lebouq, from France, a guided tour because she has very kindly offered to spend three months working in the PR department as a volunteer, as part of her Marketing and Communications course.

Ruby was a real tonic

What a warm greeting I received from a donkey called Ruby on Monday! It's been so hectic in the PR Office that I have been rushing from one job to the next, but I was stopped in my tracks when this beautiful dark brown youngster came up to me and rested her gorgeous head on my shoulder. I really do love it when donkeys do this as it's the best kind of cuddle I think you can get from them!

Ashley has a huge personality

I'm delighted to bring you the latest film clip of our adorable Ashley!

Ashley was sadly orphaned at birth and thanks to the dedication of staff caring for him, and the company of the donkeys he now lives with, he is growing from strength to strength.

He has a huge character! Despite all the efforts by staff to minimise contact with Ashley (to prevent future behavioural problems, which can be common with hand reared foals), he just adores them.



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