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A day in the life of Josh... aged 10

Hello my name is Josh. Let me tell you what I get up to and what happens in a day of my life at Brookfield Farm.

I live in a barn with the grannies. Although I'm only 10 years old I'm only a little chap so some of the other boys used to pick on me so the Brookfield grooms moved me in with the grannies - they are much nicer and very gentle donkeys. I haven't got any of my own donkey friends but Cathy, one of our grooms, is my human friend.

Farewell to our Gentle Giant

Jack, our resident Poitou donkey here at Brookfield Farm, was sadly put to sleep last week. Poor Jack had such bad teeth that it was the kindest thing for him. He had already had treatment for his teeth a few months ago. The dentist couldn’t do any more. It would have meant a big operation which he really wasn’t up to.

He was a very popular boy at Brookfield and was always the centre of attention when hundreds of supporters visit us during the Sanctuary's annual Donkey Week. There was a constant crowd always around him.

Winter has arrived at Brookfield!

Well, December is here and the weather has become more seasonal. The poor donks didn't know what to do with themselves, one day was beautiful warm sunshine then the next day would be cold wet and windy. We also had a lot of fog around, so the donks tend to stay in their barns and doze or maybe groom each other. As soon as they hear a gate being opened a lot of them wander out to see what we're up to. They are very nosy and like to know what is going on.

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