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The American Dream - final day

So the three donkeys and their friends that I worked with yesterday have now been loaded onto a trailer ready for their long journey back to Texas, so there are no donkeys for me to work with today and I head off to the conference centre to learn all about the work of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the donkeys and mustangs in their care on the federal lands in America.

Identification brand on a donkey

The American Dream - Part 5

So, with the formal part done I can relax a little and just get to work with the donkeys from yesterday. Beautiful blue sky, sun, 23 degrees, shade of tree, training doesn’t get any more comfortable than this, sorry if you are reading this from a cold wet English November day.

Unhandled donkeys... behavioural training begins

The American Dream - Part 4

So I woke up at 2.30 thinking about today, and it took about an hour to get it all straight in my head, I guess when something really means something to you then it's worth being up nights for. When I was first in California 15 years a ago, the barn manager at Crawford Hall used to say “You are not training horses unless they keep you up nights thinking about them”, and I guess the same goes for donkeys too.

Ben's demonstration

The American Dream - Part 2

The first challenge is actually to get to Davis, California. It sounds glamorous to say I am going to California, and yes I am lucky, but travelling for work is not a holiday, it is about getting where you are going, doing a great job and getting home as soon as possible, to cost the Sanctuary as little money as possible and keep up with all the other things that I have to do. So I left home on Wednesday at 5.30am to drive to the airport and will be back at the airport on Sunday afternoon to fly home again, in time to be back at work Tuesday morning.

Econo Lodge sign


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