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The right call at the right time

You may have read the sad news about our gorgeous, feisty little donkey, Gareth, recently. You may even recall when we had to let you know that our fabulously handsome gentleman donkey, Teddy, had been put to sleep.

The response to the news in both cases has been extraordinary and shows how much you all care for the donkeys that you know (and, to know is to love) and may have been to visit.

Teddy - a donkey who is very much missed

When Charlie met Fred

The lovely Fred has been resident at the Sanctuary since coming in with his close companion, Sankey, who was referred for radical veterinary treatment from one of our foster homes. Despite all our efforts we could not help Sankey and he was peacefully put to sleep. Fred was given extra love and care to help him through his bereavement and the search was on for a new friend for Fred so he could return to his lovely home in South Devon with a companion.

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