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Donkeys galore!

Someone asked me the other day what being a QTV is really like. As in most things in life - you get out of Quality Time Volunteering, what you put in! Phil and I like to start a bit earlier than was originally suggested, so we can get in a full day with the donkeys. We start soon after 9.00 am and usually finish about 4.30 pm.

Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!

After last week's long distraction with the fast-growing baby donks, Phil and I decided to give Ashley, Zena and Mr Khan a wide berth until after lunch. So instead we headed off in search of Ruby, Ruby, Ruby!

No, not the Kaiser Chiefs - but a long-legged, long-eared lovely who currently resides with the rest of the Foster Donkeys at Garmston Barn.

Blind donkeys are amazing!

Before heading off to the blind donkeys in Shelter 3, Phil and I had to make the obligatory quick 10 minute visit to see Ashley, Zena and Mr Khan - the baby donks! Well of course we had to stay and play for a while - it would have been rude not to! Then we noticed they needed a grooming... and while we were doing that some visitors to the Sanctuary asked us some questions...

Blind donkeys are amazing!

A Barnful of Poitous!

Phil and I have just returned from a week in the sunshine of south-west France - so imagine our delight when we were asked by Maxine Carter, farm manager here at The Sanctuary, to spend a morning furthering our French sojourn in the company of the Poitou donkeys!

I'm Nutty for You!

What a great day we had with the donkeys as Quality Time Volunteers! Beautiful sunshine and paddocks of donkeys all waiting for grooming and cuddles. Some walk straight up and demand to be groomed, others circle round - hoping to be noticed, others pretend they don't want the attention and then immediately cave the moment we touch them!


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