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Nipper and the Great Escape!

A few days ago I was entrusted with the care of the donkeys on the Main Yard. Basically the donkeys and visitors mingle together to the benefit of all concerned. The donks get a constant supply of love and affection, while the visitors get a chance to be photographed enjoying donkey cuddles or simply sharing a few quiet moments with the likes of Jubilee, Shadow, Billy, Petrina and Holly.

Donkeys who learn to trust again

Although many of the donkeys who arrive at the Sanctuary come from loving homes and are generally happy little donks, there are a few who arrive that are a bit more wary and perhaps have lost trust in people a little. One of the best things about being a Quality Time Volunteer (QTV) is witnessing the transformation of these particular donkeys, into trusting, friendly donkeys. Of course much of this transformation is down to the experience, skill and dedication of the grooms who care for them on a full-time basis.

Walking with donkeys

The Donkey Sanctuary is a busy place at the moment... something to do with school summer holidays I believe?

The Donkey Sanctuary is a busy place at the moment... something to do with school summer holidays I believe?

And then there were six!

I know, I know... Phil and I can't seem to stay away from the little donks in Shelter 2. But I do have a good reason for telling you about them today! Last week Ashley, Mr Khan and Zena were fully weaned and their respective mums and foster mum - Oonagh, Flora and Breda went off to join a group of big, grown-up donkeys where they are able to talk about things other than milk, nappies and toys. Those beautiful and loving mums have done a fantastic job of raising their foals, and Breda was a saintly foster-mum to rascally Ashley.

Donkeys on diets!

As you come through the main entrance to the Sanctuary, there is a large shelter on your right - Shelter 1. In here you will find the "weight-watchers" group of donkeys. These are donkeys that for one reason or another are slightly over-weight or have foot problems - or both! They are a lovely bunch of donks and always enjoy a bit of extra attention - so that's where Phil and I headed this morning.


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