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Daniel P is making new friends!

You may recall that last week I mentioned Daniel P who had retired as an adoption donkey from the Sanctuary's sister charity, the Elisabeth Svendsen Trust for Children and Donkeys? Well this week Phil and I decided to go and visit him to see how he is settling into Shelter 1 having been relinquished back into the care of the Sanctuary.

Two Shetland ponies and a barnful of donkeys!

Well all kinds of things were happening today at The Donkey Sanctuary - Freddie was showing off his new leggings to me (bright blue fly-proof leg protectors), of which he was very proud! Lots of donkeys were queuing up for a walk - including Ashley, Zena and Mr Khan! Ashley was on his very best behaviour as he was being led by Jenny, one of the grooms. Phil and Zena quickly paired up, and I had the privilege of walking Mr Khan, who is a real cutie.

Oonagh, Flora and Breda

It's been a few weeks since the three little donkeys - Ashley, Mr Khan and Zena were weaned and their foster-mum and mums moved off to pastures new. The little donkeys are getting on well with Mars, Ravelin and Skippy and all six provide great entertainment and joy for visitors and staff alike!

Walking in the company of donkeys

It may have been raining cats and dogs outside this morning, but inside the barns Phil, the donkeys and myself were warm and dry. There is something very comforting about sharing a barn with donkeys when the weather is atrocious outside. Some donkeys snuffle about in the straw, pushing it about with their muzzles, or they bury their heads in it and then shake it all about! Others stand still and methodically chomp on the straw, whilst still others browse and nibble as they shuffle around the barn.


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