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A herd of little donkeys

Shelter 2 is not for the faint of heart and is indeed positively bouncing these days! First we had three little foals by the names of Ashley, Zena and Mr Khan, who after they were weaned, were joined by Mars, Skippy and Ravelin – making them the Sidmouth Six. Well recently they acquired three more friends – Chris, Pongo and Eric! We now have a herd of lively, inquisitive friendly little donkeys residing in Shelter 2.

Mr Nedd and Hector go for a walk!

Over the last three weeks Phil and I have been accompanying two of our elderly donkeys on a morning walk. Mr Nedd and Hector live in the Salston Boxes right in the centre of the Sanctuary, where they enjoy a peaceful life comprising of munching food, greeting the occasional visitor who discovers their quiet little corner of the Sanctuary and dozing whenever the mood takes them – which is quite often.

Gorgeous George!

After two restful weeks in the sunshine and friendly charm of The Gambia, Phil and I were looking forward to seeing all our long-eared friends up at the Donkey Sanctuary once again. And what a surprise awaited us!

The continuing story of Hercule Poitou and friends!

Continuing the story of Hercule Poitou and his friends, I'd like to introduce Danielle and her daughter Iolanthe. Danielle was the first pure-bred Poitou to be born at the Sanctuary back in 1991, and Iolanthe is her daughter, also a pure-bred. They are like a pair of bookends – rarely apart and almost identical to look at. Danielle and Iolanthe are often found standing by the fence together waiting to see any visitors who may come up to Buffalo Barn. Both of them are quiet, affectionate donkeys who enjoy being fussed and groomed – just as long as they are standing close together!


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