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Hector is everybody's friend

Today I’d like to tell you about Hector. Phil and I have known this little donkey from the first day we started as QTVs. Back then Hector was living in New Barn, although soon after he moved to Shelter 6 to live with a group of elderly donkeys. Then during this past winter he moved again, to keep Mr Nedd company in the Salston Boxes. It was while Hector was living here that we started to take him out with Mr Nedd for weekly walks.

Ashley helps out!

It’s been a very busy week at The Donkey Sanctuary, and Phil and I have met many interesting people and have enjoyed introducing them to our friends – the donkeys, at every given opportunity! In fact we were so busy today that Phil and I received some extra help with the grooming at Shelter 2. Well I use the term, “help with grooming”, rather loosely - as the help came in the form of Ashley!

George - an elder statesman and a baby donkey

It’s official – summer is on its way! The Donkey Meet and Greet Team are back in action on the yard! Jubilee led his team out for their first day of duty on Sunday morning and the old hands – or old hooves – slipped easily back into their routine of greeting visitors and pausing for photographs and cuddles. New donks on the block like Tuppence, were visibly excited but soon settled and began to weave their own brand of charming magic over the visitors to The Donkey Sanctuary.

Billy has left the yard

There are some donkeys that many of us will never forget – and Billy is one of those donkeys. As I write this I still can’t quite believe that Billy has died and is no longer with us. He was such a big part of The Donkey Sanctuary – especially in New Barn and as “King of the Yard” – the top donk of the Meet and Greet Team!


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