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Colourful colours

One thing that we’re always being asked about whilst we’re out and about grooming the donkeys, are their collars. So take careful note as you’ll be tested at the end... maybe! On these collars will be the name of the donkey, their current age and their admission to The Donkey Sanctuary number. The staff also like to customise them with lots of decorative hearts.

Donkey collars

Three grown-up little donkeys

People often ask Phil and I if we have a favourite donkey among the 100+ donkeys we groom each week and of course we promptly say Nutty or Percy…or is it Barney? No – it has to be Spartan and Penny. Wait – it’s actually Judy and Sunshine in Shelter 3. Or is it Foaly and Dawney? Or Tuppence and Tom? No – it’s definitely Coco or Aramis or D’Artanyan. For sure it’s Poppy... or Teddy? Lucky? Junior? Drizzle? Oh I don’t know! In their myriad of different ways – all the donkeys are our favourites.

My friend Percy

I’d like to tell you about a special donkey-friend of mine called Percy who lives in the back yard of Buffalo Barn with his other Poitou friends – Guinness, Noah, Aramis, D’Artanyan and Inky. I love them all but Percy is my boy. Well he’s not technically mine of course – but you know what I mean.


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