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When love comes in twos

Earlier this year I wrote a blog called ‘The hardest call to make’ and talked about Mark who had to say goodbye to his beloved Blewen. Mark's donkey JJ was left pining for her friend and long-term companion so the search to find her a friend was vigorously launched.

All settled in

On a summer's day

At last the sun has been shining and how lovely to discard the wellies and waterproofs for a few weeks. The sun is great for us all but it comes with risks not just for us humans but for the donkeys and other animals too.

Filbert and Columbo in their fly masks

The hardest call to make

I love my job, I love meeting so many people and their donkeys and am always bowled over by the relationship some owners have with their donkeys. But sometimes there are visits which are sad and emotional when owners contact me and ask me what they should do because their beloved donkey is not him/her self any more.

Relationships between donkeys and people can be amazing

What a difference a year makes and the company of girls

Some of you may remember the rescue of little Filbert and Columbo last year. They were in a pitiful state with overgrown hooves, lice and poor body condition. Both donkeys were found to be very elderly, in their 30s, and too frail to travel to The Donkey Sanctuary but could travel the short distance to my home to receive immediate veterinary care and lots of TLC.

Well that was a year ago and I’m thrilled to say that Columbo and Filbert (now called Bertie) are thriving. Both donkeys have had extensive farrier and dental work and tons of love which has transformed their lives.

Kissing through the fence


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