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Micky's way of relaxing

I was out and about yesterday taking photos around the Sanctuary and took a walk by the hospital paddocks where there was a donkey standing quite content with a divot of grass in his mouth... I was intrigued and went to find out more about this donkey called Micky.

Filey to Skegness

The storm that was forecast today thankfully tapered into a drizzle and by the time we reached Filey, the sun was beginning to shine through the clouds.

Amanda Pickles was down on the beach with her group of donkeys - Max, Chico, Neville, Rueben, Oscar and Alfie - winner's of Britain's Best Beach Donkeys in 2008.

While Amber was judging, I took some photos of the donkeys and standing over with Chico was Olivia. Her mum said they live in Huddersfield and during the past six weeks Olivia had been to see the donkeys three times.

Aberdovey to Blackpool

Well, can Del Boy win this year's best individual donkey in Britain's Best Beach Donkeys competition?

Louise Peeters was already on the beach when we arrived and there was Del Boy with his tell-tale sunflower in his bridle. There was a huge long queue of his 'fans' waiting for donkey rides.

There was Isabel and Lottie, two sisters on holiday with their parents. Then there was Katherine and Felicity wearing T-shirts of their favourite donkeys.


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