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By George what a handsome donkey!

Today was the day that the donkeys down on the Main Yard were 'turned out' onto the spring grass. For those of you watching the webcams earlier, you would have seen about 50 donkeys galloping around their paddock... who would believe that some of them are over 40 years of age! As this was their first time this year, they can only be out there for about an hour while they adjust to eating the young grass shoots.

Herding donkeys!

It's not every day that you see a herd of donkeys galloping in front of you! That's just what happened on Friday as I drove past Woods Farm having been to take photos of the 13 Irish donkeys that arrived safely earlier in the week.

Ploughing with donkeys

Today the Sanctuary was hosting this year’s Colyton Raleigh & District Ploughing Association ploughing and produce show and what a sight to see... vintage tractors through to modern tractors ‘splitting the ridge’. For me though, the attraction was waiting to watch two donkeys showing how to plough.

Welcome to September

Last week I was sat in the office wondering where does time go and noticing that the leaves on the trees were beginning to turn a golden colour. With the calendar poised to enter a new month, I wondered if we might have any donkeys called September and here she is!


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