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Helping the medicine go down...

Meet Muffin, a 29 year old donkey who lives on our 'oldies' yard at Paccombe Farm. Every day he waits for his daily medication cunningly wrapped in a raspberry jam sandwich!

On the afternoon I visited the farm, a group of donkeys came trotting over towards me braying rather loudly. What a welcome I thought as I made my way through them into the feed room. Then I discovered why the donkeys were eager to see anyone going in - there were piles of jam sandwiches being made.


Jenny's afternoon siesta

What does a 39 year old donkey do after lunch every day? Takes an afternoon siesta in her favourite part of the paddock of course!

When I visited Paccombe Farm on Thursday, I noticed a donkey laying down in the distance. Being a little concerned that there might be a problem, I mentioned it to one of the grooms and my mind was put at rest when she said "Oh that's just Jenny"!

Jacko likes to be first!

Last week I was down at Paccombe Farm and met Jacko, a 24 year old donkey who came into the Sanctuary in 2002 and lives in Cherry Barn which is home to a group of 'bad breathers' .

In the mornings when the barn is mucked out all the donkeys are out. On lovely sunny days, they venture up their field to graze but as soon as they have fresh new bedding, Jacko likes to be first back in!

Dining with donkeys

What a great way to spend 1st May - in the company of Tia and Ouzo - two donkeys owned by Shelagh Steel, one of our area welfare officers, at a fundraising event organised by Brenda and Richard Perry, the landlords of The Cross Inn, Great Bromley in Essex.


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