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Donkeys down in the valley

It’s Wednesday morning, there’s a chill in the air and frost is still covering the ground. I leave the warmth of my office with camera in hand and venture down to Hurfords where public footpaths and bridleways pass through the Sanctuary’s fields and woodland.

Not all Spiders are creepy-crawlies!

I was chatting with Kate Jones from Paccombe Farm the other day about donkeys and she said, "We've got a couple of donkeys that it would be great to tell our supporters about this Halloween!". It was a done deal... Kate would take the photos and I'd do some research into their background. Read on...

It turns out that the first donkey she mentioned was nearly one of the first to have come into the Sanctuary's care. His name is Spider and I'll start with an extract I found in one of my collection of donkey books at home called In Defence of Donkeys...


Jenny and Suzie... are we bothered?

This time last year we asked for your help for our elderly donkeys who were being 'bothered' by constant flies buzzing around them as well as some of the very old and frail donkeys suffering from the flies biting their legs.

Earlier today I was over at Paccombe Farm to take some photos and it was lovely to see the 'oldies' happily grazing in their fields wearing their brightly coloured fly fringes and leggings that have proved so helpful in combating the problems.

Pictured here are Jenny (left) and Suzie (right) wearing their fly fringes and super leggings!


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