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Sunflowers are in bloom and the bees are buzzing

Last month when I walked over to see the sunflower patch, the majority were only knee high and still had a long way to go, except for a handful that had broken ranks and shot up to be in full bloom.

Today it was a very different sight that awaited me as I returned to see how the sunflowers were coming along. All of them are standing up proud at over 5ft as their heavy heads stand above me pointing in the direction of the sun.

Wild bee on sunflower

In harmony with nature

One of the many pleasures of working at The Donkey Sanctuary is having the great open doors at your feet when you step out of the office. With hundreds of visitors here today, the walkways and heart of the Sanctuary is buzzing with grandparents, parents and children all having a wonderful time. So many happy faces as they walk about in the company of donkeys and mules grazing in their fields.

Peacock butterfly on thistle

Leaving tiny hoof prints in our hearts

Picking up from where I left you in Donkeys, steam trains and sconish moments, you'll know that it wasn't until 1.30am that we got back to the B&B to be greeted by that all too familiar sound donkeys make before they bray. We all tried to muffle our laughter in the stillness of the morning hoping that the donkeys didn't wake anyone... only to be woken up ourselves at 5.30am by the sound of a donkey braying. It did bring a smile to my face!

One of the many gates along the trek

Of mules and men: challenging relationships in WW1

This weekend both myself and Sophie Carter, who is one of the grooms at Town Barton Farm, tapped into an interesting world at the War Horses Conference which had been organised by the School of Oriental African Studies (SOAS) in London.

Why were we there? Well, Faith Burden, who heads our research team, had been invited to speak, but reasons that will become clear in her video, will explain why... we’ll leave that to Faith to tell you!

"She may be stupid, but I love her very much". National Library of Scotland.  Creative Commons, Attribution - Noncommercial - Share-alike 2.5 UK: Scotland


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