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Alan and Hazel's journey out of the darkness

The only light these donkeys saw was through a small crack between their barn doors. There was no room to run or graze. The only solace they had was each other’s company. Today in the UK donkeys still suffer horrendously from neglect and cruelty. Your help is needed right now to help rescue and protect more of these beautiful animals.

Our Senior Welfare Adviser, Hannah Bryer, was called out to this distressing rescue. “I went into the barn but it was so dark I couldn’t see a thing. I didn’t think there could be donkeys in such a place until I called out and heard a heartrending bray in response. Eventually, in the pitch black I found two nervous donkeys penned into an enclosed area.

"There was hardly any straw or hay on the hard concrete floor, the donkeys were standing in their own mess and there was just nowhere comfortable for them to rest. Both donkeys were extremely nervous and afraid but as we gently loaded them into our lorry we knew they were heading to healthier and happier times in The Donkey Sanctuary’s care.”

Please help today so that more donkeys will receive the life-saving care they need. Your donation really matters and every single penny can make a difference.



Alan and Hazel are slowly recovering but they are at the start of a long journey to help them forget their difficult beginning. Veterinary experts at the Sanctuary do all they can to ease physical problems such as overgrown hooves and painful teeth, but it takes longer to help a donkey overcome the significant emotional trauma caused by years of neglect.

Hazel is making great head way — she is a very sweet-natured donkey and is settling in well — but Alan is still struggling. He is a gentle, sensitive donkey and will need lots more help to overcome his fears. With the help of supporters like you, we can help Alan in every way possible and give him the love and care he needs to aid his recovery.

As you can imagine, Alan is afraid of the dark and frightened of confined spaces, however his grooms have discovered that leaving the lights on in his stable and letting him move freely around has helped him to grow in confidence.

It is this individual level of care that really makes a difference to each and every donkey as they start their new lives at The Donkey Sanctuary. Alan and Hazel are two of the lucky ones.

Safe in our care, they will be loved and looked after for the rest of their lives, and your continued support will make sure we have all the resources they need to give them the best life possible. It is only because of compassionate people like you that we can be there for so many donkeys in need.

Please support The Donkey Sanctuary today by giving what you can afford to help more donkeys like Alan and Hazel.

How your donation will help...

SUPER SANDWICHES - £10 can help pay for medication for sick donkeys (We hide them in their sandwiches).

HEALTHY HOOVES - £25 can help pay for a visit from the farrier (To put a spring in the donkey's step).

TACK BOX - £15 can help pay for combs, brushes and hoof picks (The donkeys love a good scratch).

TIP-TOP TEETH - £50 can help to pay for a visit from the dental technician (You can't beat a donkey smile).