Vital Information

1 January 2001
Best Friends

It’s no surprise to anyone who knows Pooh that he will do anything for a tasty snack. He’s so hopeful he’ll even pick up empty feed buckets and give them to his grooms in the hope that they might fill them up for him again!

Pooh lives at our Ivybridge centre with best friend Eeyore. Their favourite game is playing with their treat ball. Eeyore loves rolling it around and Pooh likes eating up the treats that come out of it. A perfect match!

Pooh is such a beautiful confident donkey. Adopt him today and welcome a new friend into your life. Or why not introduce him to one of your friends as a unique gift.

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Pooh and Eeyore
Pooh and Eeyore

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What's included?

Find your perfect match today and you or your loved one will receive a beautiful adoption pack.

Adoption pack

Adoption pack

Two gorgeous portraits of your donkey and their story.


A display frame for your portraits.


Four beautiful postcards to share.


Your adoption certificate.


Your keepsake membership card.


A guide to getting the most from your adoption.


Two updates on your donkey in spring and autumn.

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