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Prepare to be spellbound

Enchanting Shocks

Location: Birmingham

If ever there was a story of overcoming the odds, then that of beautiful, loving Shocks is it.

After suffering unimaginable cruelty at the hands of his previous owner, Shocks struggled with his physical, mental and emotional wounds.

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Bewitching Tiny Tim

Location: Manchester

You’ll have no problem spotting Tiny Tim by his distinctive markings. Despite his name, he's one of the tallest donkeys at Manchester.

Tiny Tim is quite a character and he's into everything. His curiosity means his grooms are often puzzled by his Houdini acts or surprised to find his nose poking its way into the store cupboard when they least expect it!

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Charming Jimmy

Location: Birmingham

Charm and charisma is what Jimmy is all about. He's a happy-go-lucky donkey who enjoys good company and being with his best friend Skittles.

Jimmy can’t fail to win you over with his cheeky ways. He particularly likes to keep his grooms on their toes by playing hide-the-broom or running off with the muck bags when they’re trying to clear the yard.

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