One of the ways we brighten the lives of donkeys is through enrichment. Find out what this means and what activities are in store for our donkeys this Christmas.

When you adopt a donkey you are helping us provide a happy and healthy life to not only your adoption donkey, but to all their friends here at the sanctuary too.

This Christmas you can adopt safe in the knowledge that our dedicated grooms have a number of ways to keep the donkeys’ minds and bodies active. One of the ways we brighten the lives of our donkeys is through activities we call 'Enrichment'.

So what is enrichment? Here we answer a few of your questions:

What is donkey enrichment?

Donkey enrichment can take many forms, be it interactions with humans, interactions with other donkeys, activity enrichment or even food enrichment.

The purpose of enrichment is to keep the donkeys active, curious, and able to display the kind of behaviour they would in their natural habitat.

What kind of activities can my adoption donkey enjoy this Christmas?

Thanks to your support our volunteers are able to provide a wide range of activities to keep things interesting for our donkeys. We have lots of toys for the donkeys to play with, such as wellies, footballs, and tyres. One of our favourite enrichment activities is to give them little food balls to play with where they have to try to figure out how to get the treat out.

Do donkeys enjoy food enrichment?

Our donkeys love exploring their more curious side, as they would in the wild. We offer them different flavoured water which they sniff, lick and explore, and they love investigating a string of carrots tied up in their yard.

What kind of human interaction do the donkeys get?

Donkeys are very social animals, and they really benefit from some good company, whether in donkey or human form. All of our donkeys are regularly groomed, and we also have Quality Time Volunteers who give them a bit of extra one-to-one attention. We also take the donkeys for regular walks which provide plenty of new sights and smells for the donkeys to enjoy, as well as helping them stay in good shape throughout the colder months where they may spend less time playing in the paddock.

How will my adoption help?

None of the essential care we give to our donkeys would be possible without your support. By adopting a donkey you play a part in improving the lives of hundreds of donkeys who may otherwise find themselves in dire situations.

Adopting a donkey also makes the perfect gift for any animal lover as it allows your loved one to build up a friendship with their adoption donkey, while helping many others both in the UK and around the world. You can visit your donkey any day of the year, and you’ll receive regular updates from your donkey and news from the sanctuary.

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