Whether you adopt Alfie, Bonnie or Cisco, our adoption donkeys have had a very busy year. Read a Christmas message related to each adoption donkey.


Christmas is often a time for getting friends and family together, maybe welcoming loved ones who have been away. Alfie is the same at any time of year when he meets up with his friend Benjy. Whenever Benjy goes out to visit a nursing home or a school, Alfie will wait patiently before trotting across the yard to greet his returning friend.


Once the festivities are over at home, there’s normally plenty of cleaning up to be done. With Ashley around it always appears as though there’s someone who wants to help out. His groom, Rosie, says: “When we try to sweep up, he helpfully picks up a brush and runs around with it, and when we’re grooming another donkey, he noses in to give us a hand.”


Who doesn’t love playing a game or two at Christmas time? Donkeys love having fun and keeping their minds active too. Our enrichment activities keep the herds active and Benjy in particular enjoys the puzzles and treat treasure hunts. He’s normally first to work things out, but he does share his winnings with best friend Alfie.

Billy O

Our dedicated farm staff take such good care of all of our donkeys throughout the whole year, so much so that Billy O has even formed a close bond with his groom Sarah. She says: “We aren’t just generic humans to the donkeys. You can see it in the way they interact with the staff here and also with the adopters and visitors that come to see them. Billy O makes me feel like one of his herd and I think he would miss me if I went away.”



There’s no place like home over the festive period, and Bonnie has settled really well into life at the sanctuary. Although she moved in alongside her friend Floppy, she is proving a popular girl and has befriended many of the other donkeys. She is one of the tallest in the herd, see if you can spot her on the webcam.


Spreading joy to others is not just a Christmas thing for Cisco. All year he has been making people smile on his trips out. He seems to have a particular affinity for adults and older people, and regularly visits care homes and nursing homes, much to the delight of the residents. What a little star.


Christmas can be a hectic time of year, and sometimes we might like to take a step back, relax and enjoy. Maybe take a leaf out of Cocoa’s book. He’s the gentleman of his herd and has enjoyed watching over the other more lively donkeys this year. “He has really wise eyes,” says Marleen, our farm supervisor. “He looks after everyone and keeps the peace.”

When you adopt one of our adoption donkeys you will receive regular updates from them throughout the year, so you can see just what a difference your support is making to all the donkeys here at The Donkey Sanctuary.

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