Whether you adopt Hannah, Jimmy or Oscar, our adoption donkeys have had a very busy year. Click to read a Christmas message related to each adoption donkey.


School’s out and it’s time to enjoy the festive period. But one set of children will remember this year more than most. One bright day we took Eeyore and his best friend Pooh to visit a school. Normally they would stand outside and the children would take it in turns to visit them. However, when it suddenly poured with rain, there was no choice but to lead the donkeys into a classroom with the children!


This year Hannah has been showing more of her cheeky side. One day while farm supervisor Marleen was grooming another donkey, Hannah kept poking at the other donkey with her nose, making it difficult to groom. Once ushered out of the barn, Hannah reappeared through a side entrance and tried again – this quickly turned into a game!


Harbin tries to be the perfect visitor all year round, not just at Christmas. This year he has loved visiting nursing homes, care homes and schools. He’s a very calm and friendly donkey, and particularly enjoys human interaction.

Jimmy - cropped


We all need to look out for each other through the winter, and by adopting a donkey you are helping us be there to keep a close eye on donkeys like Henry. Our vets discovered that Henry’s peripheral vision is impaired, so a few changes to Henry’s routine has ensured he is never put in any situation that may unsettle him.


This year Jimmy has showed us all that he loves playing with his friend Skittles. He is always playing, and tugging Skittles around. He regularly grabs head collars, brooms and brushes when the grooms are trying to get on with their work. He especially loves the body brushes, holding them by the handle and dragging them along the floor.


During the winter months, access to the fields is restricted so that the fields don’t become too churned up and muddy, so after the allotted period we have to bring the donkeys and mules into their yard. The problem is that Millie never wants to come in! She’d spend all day out on the grass, given half a chance.


This year Oscar sadly lost his best friend – fellow adoption donkey Moses. We have been keeping a close eye on him and making sure he is getting a good amount of engagement and interaction with donkeys and humans alike – thanks to your support he won’t be lonely this Christmas. He seems to love human attention, always poking his muzzle into whatever the grooms are doing.

When you adopt one of our adoption donkeys you will receive regular updates from them throughout the year, so you can see just what a difference your support is making to all the donkeys here at The Donkey Sanctuary.

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