Whether you adopt Ripple, Tiny Tim or Zena, our adoption donkeys have had a very busy year. Click to read a Christmas message related to each adoption donkey.


Guessing what’s in each box beneath the tree is all part of the fun, and when Pooh gets to take part in enrichment activities with his friend Eeyore, the pair of them are always eager to work out how to get the carrots out of the cardboard box. Sometimes they decide it’s easier to simply demolish the box!


Christmas is the perfect time to put your feet up and relax, and by adopting a donkey we are able to make sure all of our donkeys maintain healthy hooves. Ripple is in great health, but like many donkeys he has occasional trouble with his feet and is prone to infections. We pick out the feet of all our donkeys every day to keep them clean and healthy.


Ruby is often the most visible in her group and she likes to make herself heard too! Last Christmas when The Donkey’s Sanctuary’s Candlelight Carol Service was in full swing, Ruby led the choir of donkeys who spontaneously began braying when the crowd started signing Little Donkey. It was a slice of Christmas magic.


This Christmas, thanks to your support of the adoption scheme, Shocks and his friends have well-maintained barns to shelter from the winter weather. Shocks’ unhappy start in life saw him tethered outdoors in all weathers, but now he always has a choice to either graze in the paddock or enjoy the security of the barn or field shelter.

Tiny Tim


There’s lots to smile about at Christmas time, and this picture of Timothy makes it look as though Timothy is really grinning, but there’s more to it. Donkeys curl up their lip and expose their teeth in order to transfer interesting smells to an organ just above the roof of the mouth, which processes the scent.

Tiny Tim

If there’s something special hidden under the tree at Christmas, you know Tiny Tim will find it. He is one of the most curious donkeys at The Donkey Sanctuary. He’s into everything – pockets, handbags, shoes, barrels, you name it. Cheeky Tiny Tim!


Christmas is a special time for children especially, and Walter has loved meeting lots of young people this year. Children really enjoy watching the donkeys running around Shelter 1 or peacefully grazing side by side. On occasion, schoolchildren on special visits have had the chance to groom Walter and his friend Timothy. Lucky boys.


We love to cherish little miracles at Christmas time, and when Zena was born prematurely at the sanctuary, our staff were on hand to feed her and care for her round the clock. Now happy and healthy, she has spent the year enjoying her time with her two best friends Ashley and Mr Khan.

When you adopt one of our adoption donkeys you will receive regular updates from them throughout the year, so you can see just what a difference your support is making to all the donkeys here at The Donkey Sanctuary.

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