When you adopt a donkey as a gift for someone, you are helping us to be there for donkeys when they need it most.

Ashley, for example, overcame extraordinary odds to become the happy donkey he is today.

We do not breed donkeys, but when a mare comes into our care in foal, we are able to offer safe futures for both mare and foal, thanks to your support.

This remarkable boy was born at The Donkey Sanctuary in 2009. Tragically, despite our veterinary team's best efforts through a difficult labour, his mother died during the birth and Ashley was left orphaned.

Ashley was orphaned as a foal
Staff at The Donkey Sanctuary get hands on to help orphaned Ashley.
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Unable to find a suitable foster mum for Ashley, our dedicated staff – under direction from our veterinary team - mucked in and took turns to bottle feed him by hand through day and night. Without this Ashley would have faced an uncertain future, without the chance to grow into into the confident boy he is today.

Ashley has gone from strength to strength and, having been introduced to Zena and Mr Khan as foals, it’s little surprise that these three remain the best of friends.

Ashley was definitely the leader when they were all foals. In fact, Zena and Mr Khan would follow him everywhere and even try to drink out of Ashley’s milk bowl.

Even now, they interact playfully together; wherever Zena is, Ashley is never far behind. You can often spot them grooming each other on our 24-hour webcam.

Adopt Ashley for someone you love and help ensure lifelong care for him and his friends here at The Donkey Sanctuary.

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